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M U L L E D  M E M O R I E S is a gloriously comforting fragrance blend that will have you dreaming of rich mulled wine with spiced berries and oranges.


Reed diffusers offer a gentle, effortless & flame-free way to continuously scent your home.  Our reed diffuser oil is packaged in a 4oz frosted glass bottle for an elegant and minimalistic look and comes with 10 natural wooden reeds for maximum scent throw. 

Reed Diffuser - Mulled Memories

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  • When you first open your reed diffuser bottle, dip the ends of your natural reed sticks into the oil and then gentley flip them around and insert the dry the ends fully.  Arrange the reeds in the decanter to allow the fragrance to slowly release. Flip the reeds once a week to refresh the fragrance experience. Wash your hands thoroughly after touching the reeds

    For small spaces or a more gentle fragrance throw, use 5 reeds instead of 10.

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