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  • Are your products all natural?
    According to Health Canada, The term "natural" is not a regulated term so we do not use it to describe our products. While we try to use natural ingredients where possible, our philosopy in formulating is "safety first". There are many things found in nature that are not good for you...arsenic and poison ivy, for example. We like to stay away from those :-)
  • Do you use preservatives in your products?
    YES! Without preservatives, your lovely cream or serum would begin to grow bacteria and mold within 3-5 days of being opened. All-natural mold in your face cream is not a sexy thing.
  • Do you make sunscreen and bug repellent?
    No. Both products are out of the scope of soap and cosmetics and require different licensing and extreme amounts of testing- testing which cannot be done in a home-based test kitchen. According to Health Canada, sunscreen is categorized as a drug and bug sprays are under the category of Insecticides. BOTH legally need to meet the criteria set out by Health Canada and have PCP (pest control) or NHP/DIN (Drug Identification number) assigned and on the label.
  • Do you have samples? I'd like to try them before I buy.
    If you live in or near Regina, Saskatchewan, you may pop in to With These Hands on the corner of 13th Ave and Elphinstone st. They have all kinds of samples you may try out. If you live out of town or are unable to travel to With These Hands, we would be happy to mail you a sample. Just send us a message or email and let us know your address and which product you would like to sample.
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