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One day, when I was a little girl, I was walking with my Grandmother. I saw a rock that looked like a foot so I picked it up to give to my Dad.  See, my Dad always had the smoothest feet and I guess my little girl brain figured it would be a funny present for him.  When my Grammie and I crossed the road to walk back home, I saw another foot rock. It turns out the two rocks actually fit together to make a whole rock! I don’t remember what he said when I gave them to him but my Dad always kept them on his nightstand.  After my Dad passed away,  Mom gave those rocks back to me so they wouldn’t get lost and now I keep them on my bedside table💕


Is this story about smooth feet or smooth rocks? Well, they’re both kinda different obsessions but, at one time, crossed paths. To this day, I still pick up smooth rocks when I’m out and about. I have a rock path leading from my front door to my garage...I never make it through without picking up at least one rock. As for smooth feet, no matter how many Peppermint Pedi CocoButter Crumble soaks, I can’t ever seem to get them as smooth as my Dad’s...but I’ll keep trying!


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SMOOTH FEET: Heart-Warming Story & A Free Sample

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