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A frosted glass bottle with a label that says "SkinWishes Magic Face Oil Elixir" sits on a white surface with a white background. The bottle is filled with golden-coloured oil and a dropper filled with oil lays on its side beside the bottle.





Peppermint Pedi CocoButter Crumbles are the ultimate home spa pampering!  We've formulated an invigorating blend of Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus to ensure both relief and rejuvenation for your feet.  Epsom salts are added to soothe tired tootsies and rich cocoa butter for irresistible smoothness. This fizzy concoction transforms your regular foot-bath into a true treat, making your feet feel revived and silky smooth. Ideal for a chill evening in that may or may not include a cheeky game of footsie...wink-wink ;-)

A white gift box with a clear window sits on a white surface. Inside the gift box is a pair of pink fuzzy cashmere socks and a package of Peppermint Pedi cocobutter crumbles foot soak.
A frosted glass bottle sits on a white surface.  The bottle sontains SkinWishes Diffuser Oil and has wooden reeds inserted into it.  In the background to the right is a plant in a white pot with a crocheted mini hippopotamus sitting by it.


Reed diffusers offer a gentle, effortless & flame-free way to continuously scent your home.  Our reed diffuser oil is packaged in a 4oz frosted glass bottle for an elegant and minimalistic look and comes with 10 natural wooden reeds for maximum scent throw. Choose from 5 cozy scents..

A frosted plastic bottle filled with white liquid and with a black pump top sits on a white surface with a white background. The label on the bottle is white with a blue ink-blot style graphic.  The words read "Good Morning Gorgeous, Cleansing Body Wash."

Start your day with a refreshing and invigorating cleanse.  Good Morning Gorgeous is like crisp, fresh morning air...a breath of spearmint and cozy vanilla kissed by bright mandarin, comforting lavender and sweet sandalwood. This body wash provides a gentle cleanse that leaves your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and refreshed. 

A foot with white manicured toenails wear a pair of fuzzy off white slip-on slippers

Spoil your tooties with these ultra soft plush slippers! They are soft, cozy and elegant and such a treat to slip your feet into. We won't guarantee these will make you a pleasant early-riser, but they'll certainly take the sting out of an early morning.

5 mini mist bottles stand in a line on a black slate coaster.  The labels read, Balance, Calm, Sunshine, Peppermint Chill, & Fireside.  Insode the bottles are aroma fragrance mists.

A scent flight of the cutest mini Aroma Mists to keep in your purse for your on-the-go aromatherapy needs.  Our five most popular essential oil blends, each inffused in distilled water so they can be safely misted in the air around you, on your body, or onto bed linens.  


More than a skincare company, Skinwishes strives to bring you products that smooth your skin and soothe your soul.


"I adore meeting other people who share my smooth-skin obsession. I love meeting skeptics and watching the look on their faces change from 'nothing

will make my rough skin better' to

'ohhhhh m’gosh, my skin has never

felt SO AMAZE!' "

Melanie Cober, CEO of SkinWishes.  She has rose gold coloured wavy hair, hazel-grey eyes, a nosering  and pink lips.


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